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Thursday, July 29

** be my self **

"be yourself and dOn't pretend to be like others"

yes i want to be my self and i'm relize that
i dOn't want to be anybOdy else bcOz

<thanks gOd>

I am very grateful to have been born on this wOrld
i have a goOd N caring mOther in my life
i still have my parents
i have a family that always loves and care abOut me
i have many friends who gives support fOr me
i have bOyfriend that always there for me
whatever situation that i had
i have gOod carier in my future
i will be a teacher 
and i love to be that(@_@)
and mOst impOrtant thing
nOw i'm studying in usm apex University
sO i lOve to became me and me and me
pss: i dOn't know if i make any mistake in this writing but i'm try to approve my english...dun laugh to me at all..
funny right??!!but i'm try harder coz now i'm love to study lsp 300..ahahahaha;Ppp



  1. practice makes perfect..
    *giler lagu aril ..haha

  2. sya: uit dak major bi,
    tgk ade x kslhan grammar aq..ehehe
    *lagu aril r jiwang sket;Ppp