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Monday, August 23

" symbOl of lOve"

Secrets Of Love

All our resentments,frustrations,prejudices are only because we build up unrealistic expectations from others.In interpersonal relationships the most harmful expectation is to expect the other person to behave exactly the way we want him or her to be.
Keep appropriate concern for the well being of others,while offering support,care and guidance only when asked for and during crises.

 "say nO to bROken heart"

 when we meet sOmeone that suitable for us
and also love us with their honest heart
just try to accept him or her
mybe we can try best for the relationship
and when the relationship was Okey
that gOod for us and dOn't try tO doing something bad that can destroy our relationship,dO ur best


Love is the great mystery. Love is pure and simple as an infant's smile. Love is vast and unfathomable as the far reaches of the universe. Love is the force that connects us and that breathes life into all things. Love is the silent invisible tidal wave washing through the consciousness of humanity, awakening us to who we are and why we are here. We were love at birth and love is who we are becoming. Love lives in the magnificent house of wisdom and truth. So, love your enemies. Do not condone their actions; simply invite them into the house of truth and wisdom, offering healing to their souls. Embrace and ride the tidal.

"the wOrd"
 "always says for people that u lOve"

(everybOdy needs lOve)

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