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Saturday, December 4

"nE W famOus kOrean ost 2010"

 hyun bin Oppa
hae wOn unni

fIrst aq sgt sukE cter yang aq bru tgk 4 episod,tu pOwn dOwnload tapi mmg best giler jalan cter walaupun aq bru tgk 4 episod,yg pntg cOz aq mnat dkat kim jae won n hyun bin nie.. ..tuk infOrmation citer nie bru dtayang kat kOrea that why la bru ade 4 episod yg bleh download,xsabO nyer nak citer nie smpai abis..huhuhu,tjuk cter nie 


'tHe fugitive plan B'

 yeah c my beloved rain in dis stOry

 i think they not match each other but just cute to c them tgether..heroin is look more older that rain u know..that why they can't be a perfect match..

ha ni die citer yg kedua aq ase seronok cOz rain cute sgt in d story,private investigated..wow so amazing,,by the way i'm already had 1-13 episod for dis story..another episod can't download nOw..oh i can't wait to see more episod..mm nOw stOry nie di tayang kan kat kbsw sO just don't wait to watch this funny n amazing ost..love it...


 "my girlfriend is a guminho"

when first i saw dis dtory i think that this story like a long story bcOz the title is like that  guminho change to humans,hmm like a legand u knOw so i just sit n watching..i already had full episod for this story..hmm this story are so intresting n funny n more romentik..i love to had boifren like li sung gi in dis story but my mamat is also behave romance like that...hahahaha..argh citer nie mmg menarik la lau korg tgk...sedih,happy,kelakar n part last tu aq de gak touching..erm kisah nye mmg interesting..i give 5 stars for this strory!!


"playfUll kiss"

erm stOry ni termasuk lm list story yg aq nak tgk...already had 1-13 episod but the middle of episod is not complete again so must wait to download the whole episod...huhu...i think this story also fun..the most important think is my lovely hero in dis story..muaaxxx

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