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Tuesday, January 25


tOmmorow mybe will be the bad day or lucky day fOr me
i said bad bcOz i have 2 presentation.the first fOr hst 121 n second for the pgt 203

for pgt 203 i need to acting,yes do u believes or not i'm not ready for that
arghh very scared u bcoz this sbject doesn't has the exam,it just can get mark from coursework.
so wether i'm ready or not i need to do this acting catagories...oh god give me luck for do that coz my group doesn't has more time to practice just can practice for tonight..i hope tonight i can act more serious compare the yesterday night, i'm just act with laught...haha...

it funny u knOw, the character that i must act as teacher that scold student who's  smoking...i can't make a fierce n louder voice...help me,somebody...very shy to act infront of all classmate n lec..uwawa...i need air to breathe..so bye2..

i need to go dup for the practice..wish us luck for tommorow...scared,thump,perspire n many thing feel in my head n chest...bla,bla,bla

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